What We Do

Commercial Debt and Structured Finance Services Located in Detroit, MI

We offer creative and strategic real estate debt solutions for investing in commercial real estate 

Commercial Real Estate Loan Types | District Capital Detroit - service-5Our mission statement is simple. Listen to our client’s needs and exceed their expectations. Our team provides strategic solutions for real estate capital concerns by leveraging our collective knowledge base, extensive experience, and unsurpassed senior level lender relationships to offer the most innovative, forward thinking capital market solutions. We’ve been at this trade for a long time thus we’ve seen multiple real estate cycles including the worst capital market crash in the history of time. We lived through that and not only survived but thrived while helping our clients navigate the uncharted waters of the crash. We were able to find debt for our clients when others couldn’t. We were able to take advantage of our deep relationships with special servicers to secure the most creative workout structures during the deepest real estate recession our country has ever experienced. Let our battle-tested team show you what we can do.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Types | District Capital Detroit - service-1Why Choose Us

Experience and instinct aside, District Capital is relationship driven and focused on you. Even with each of our outstanding track records of successful transactions, we all agree that we get the most satisfaction from the close personal relationships we have with our clients and lenders. We take pride in helping our clients develop successful real estate portfolios through creative lending strategies. And it all starts with a conversation. So, please give us a call.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Types | District Capital Detroit - service-2Expertise

When it comes to mortgage banking, you won’t find a more experienced team. Each one of us has underwritten, originated, closed, and serviced hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions, through a variety of capital market vehicles. We also have first hand experience as a general partner so we understand the intricacies of every loan we place. As a borrower, you have options when placing your loans. Wouldn’t you rather work with a team that thinks like a GP and not like a broker?

Commercial Real Estate Loan Types | District Capital Detroit - service-3Customized Approach

Commercial lending isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. That's why we've built a global network of commercial lenders we utilize to make a market for you. Whether you’re a private entrepreneur or a public enterprise, we develop strategies that are tailored around your specific needs. We take all your inputs, requirements, and assets into consideration before developing a plan. This combination of our expertise, client objectives, and market intelligence helps ensure your debt is structured correctly. Before you go to a bank for a generic commercial loan, give us a call.  We’ll show you that by structuring your debt by design, you end up with a loan that saves you time and money. 

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Our Strategy

Our strategy starts with a conversation. What are you hoping this investment will do for you or your business? How does this investment fit into your existing portfolio? At District Capital Detroit, understanding your objectives is the first step in analyzing the investment and structuring a creative finance solution to help you reach them. We specialize in the Detroit commercial real state market, including but not limited to, multifamily, construction, retail, and commercial office space, however our capabilities and reach exceed the city limits.

Whether your situation is problematic, opportunistic or somewhere in-between, the team at District Capital Detroit is dedicated to providing you quick funding and innovative financial solutions. For more information, give us a call at (313) 241-9200 today.